Cristiano Ronaldo Unveils Fourth NFT Collection on Binance As Legal Battle Looms

Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) is set to launch his fourth non-fungible token (NFT) collection with Binance on May 29, 2024. This new collection, celebrating the iconic moments of his illustrious career, will be available exclusively on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Despite facing a $1 billion lawsuit in the United States, Ronaldo is forging ahead with this highly anticipated release, offering fans a unique opportunity to connect with his legacy.

A Glimpse into Ronaldo’s NFT Collection

Ronaldo’s latest NFT collection promises to be a digital homage to his storied football journey. The collection will highlight key moments from his career, allowing fans to relive the excitement of his greatest achievements. Ronaldo himself expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating,

My football journey has seen me travel around the world, and I’ve been honored to play for some of the most prestigious clubs out there. Now it’s your turn to join me on that journey too.

While specific details regarding the total number of NFTs remain under wraps until the launch, it has been confirmed that each “Normal NFT” will have a fixed price. However, the pricing for “Super Rare” and “Super Super Rare” NFTs will vary. Previous collections have offered more than just digital assets, including real-world perks like exclusive training sessions with Ronaldo and signed merchandise.

Legal Troubles Loom

Despite the excitement surrounding the new collection, Ronaldo’s legal issues cast a shadow over the launch. In November 2023, he was sued in a class action lawsuit in a U.S. district court in Florida. The plaintiffs accuse Ronaldo of promoting and participating in the sale of unregistered securities through his previous NFT collaborations with Binance. This lawsuit follows the conviction of Binance founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, who was sentenced in April 2024 for his role in an alleged money laundering scheme.

The plaintiffs claim that Ronaldo’s significant influence, bolstered by his massive social media following of 850 million people, was instrumental in driving new users to Binance. They argue that many of these users were unsuspecting investors enticed into purchasing unregistered securities. Despite these allegations, Ronaldo has yet to be officially served with the lawsuit due to the elusive nature of his residence. Legal representatives for the plaintiffs are employing unconventional methods, including social media and email, to reach him.

Why The CR7 Effect Matters

Cristiano Ronaldo’s continued involvement in the NFT space underscores the growing intersection between sports, technology, and digital assets. As one of the most celebrated soccer players in history, Ronaldo’s ventures into NFTs offer fans a novel way to engage with his career highlights. The upcoming collection not only commemorates Ronaldo’s achievements but also highlights the potential for NFTs to create immersive fan experiences.

However, the ongoing lawsuit serves as a reminder of the legal complexities surrounding NFTs and cryptocurrency exchanges. Legal battles are not new in the crypto space with Dolce & Gabbana also facing a major lawsuit over a 97% devaluation of their NFTs. Such legal issues raise important questions about the responsibilities of influencers, public figures and famous brands in promoting digital assets. As the case against Ronaldo develops, it could set significant precedents for future collaborations between celebrities and digital marketplaces.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s fourth NFT collection launch on May 29 is set to be a landmark event for both his fans and the NFT community. While his legal troubles continue to unfold, the new collection offers a unique opportunity to celebrate Ronaldo’s remarkable career in a digital format. As the world watches, this event will likely influence the future dynamics of celebrity-endorsed digital assets and the broader NFT market.

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